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Batman Origines

Batman Origines (FR)

Petite Anthropologie de l’Homme Chauve-Souris

Editions Nouvelles Fran├žois Bourin


Batman Origines cover

Batman Origines, Petite Anthropologie de l’Homme Chauve-Souris

This anthropological essay takes the paradigm that in order to understand classical art, one has to understand classical heroes, and adapts it to contemporary modes of artistic representation, arguing that to read contemporary art requires an understanding of the contemporary pantheon of heroes and anti-heroes.

Using the example of Batman, I carefully examinated his socio-historical and fictional origins in order to elaborate a map of the meanings and symbolisms that the different representations of the Dark Knight can conjure.

This essay has met acclaim from the Art History department at the Ecole du Louvre, being received with high honours.

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