Justine Marzack is a French writer, musician and artist born in 1986. After her Master’s degree in Art History at the Ecole du Louvre, she left Paris to settle in London; a choice that allowed her to find a new creative breath. As a bass player, she collaborated with post-punk bands In Broken English, The Mekano Set and Yeah and She Has Red Lips Too.
She received in 2008 the Prix du Jeune Ecrivain award for her short story entitled La Demoiselle aux Talons Hauts, published by Editions Buchet/Chastel. In Batman Origines, published in 2014 by Editions Fran├žois Bourin, she delivers an anthropological study on the origines of the super-hero, socio-historical origins as well as fictional. She currently works on works of fiction, both in French and English.
Text by Virginie Duchesne.
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Justine’s portrait (c) Flore Mounier 2010
Mekano Set live pic (c) Lubert Daz, 2012
Nico Dandelion banner by Belle Piec, 2014
Batman Origines illustration by Richard Ricochet, 2015

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